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Shiloh Home was created out of the belief that what starts at home spreads to all corners of the world. If our home life is peaceful we speak kindly, watch out for others, and give freely. If our home life is beautiful and inspires creativity we take risks often, smile more, and grow stronger. The world Shiloh means peace, and at the end of the day, that’s what we wish to you and yours; a peaceful home. 

Meet Samantha and Seth

Seth and I married in 2011 as highschool sweethearts and we quickly jumped into the entrepreneurship life. After briefly owning a photo booth rental company we turned our attention to starting a family. Our three little boys Simon, Jonah, and Asher make life so fun, exciting, and most of the time, messy. I think family life really makes you realize how powerful home is. As an interior designer, good home design has always been important but more than ever with these three little people, I came to fully understand what HOME means. It was with that in mind that I set out to create a peaceful haven for my clients and for my family. 

Interior design has been my passion for over 15 years now and the more I learn, the more I fall in love with what I do! My career working with residential clients has expanded over the years to working on my own homes and projects, creating design resources for families, and now introducing our very own line of home decor.

On any given day you can find Seth and I still sitting side by side, at our kitchen table. Seth is probably pouring over spreadsheets and I’m likely experimenting with different fabrics and colorways. No matter what though, coffee is ALWAYS a part of the equation. 

It’s probably every designer’s dream to create the very products they’re looking for and we’re so excited to share them with you! 

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Latest Projects

Stay up to date on the latest houses we’ve worked on, pieces we’ve created, and clients we’ve designed for. You’ll find it all on the blog.

Shiloh Home  Products

We offer digital art from local artists, one of a kind pillow covers made from remnant fabric that would otherwise go to waste, and carefully curated pillow cover sets that have been designed so you never have to worry if your pillows go together.