We’re so freaking excited (and nervous, and anxious, and ready all at once)! 

You’re probably like, “whoopdie-do, who cares that you’re moving”  Well friend, the kicker is that we’re moving across the country. 

To California. 

And selling our house. 

And living in an RV.. 

With three small kids. 

and a beagle. 



Lord help us all. 

But in all seriousness, it’s gonna be great. Right?? Please say yes.

Let me give you a little context on our decision to high-tail it out of Michigan.

Seth was accepted into a ministry training program in California, and we both feel like it’s an opportunity we can’t pass up. Obviously I can work from anywhere (BONUS) and Seth isn’t married to his job. He’s been looking for a chance to do work that he’s passionate about, and this is an avenue into that!

As far as living in an RV goes, (yes, we know it’s crazy but people do it all the time) it’s an affordable way for us to move and travel back and forth when we want to. It also gives us time to get our feet under us when we get there (finding work, a community, etc.) But, the best part: I have the challenge of making a fifth wheel look pretty!!!!!

Seth and I have always done things a little differently. We got married fresh out of high school, bought a business at 18 (not one of our finer ideas) and had three kids in three years (yep, they were born at home too *gasp* #hippie). Moving to Cali in a fifth wheel is just par for the course for us. 


It’s gonna be an adventure, that’s for sure! We’re under no illusions that it’s going to be easy but we’re also naturally optimistic. And what’s life without a little adventure anyway?!

As far as Joy Haven goes, you can still expect to see design and style guides, and lots of projects from me! Everything will just be on a *tiny* scale. Cute!!! 

I’ve been working on a mood board for the RV renovation, and I’ve waited ten forevers to show you guys!!!!!! 

Paint Color: One of the stipulations to us moving is that I’d be able to get the green kitchen cabinets I’ve wanted so long! Win!!! I’m envisioning the walls being an off-white, just to open up the space and make it feel larger. 

Rug: Yes, I love my dining room rug so much that I WILL find a way to fit a smaller version in the RV. 

Fridge: I’m really hoping there will be room in the budget for this little Smeg Fridge. They come in a bunch of different colors and I just love the retro feel to them. 

Couch: Depending on the size unit we get, we’ll hopefully be able to fit this small Ikea sectional in the “living room”. It looks bigger than it actually is, but we love this one because it pulls out into an extra bed and has added storage under one cushion. 

Artwork: This gorgeous print will likely rest on top of a set of *removable open shelves that we plan on installing. 

Throw Pillows: Of course I’m bringing along my new Woven Nook pillow covers!! 

Wood floors: I still have a bit of research to do, but from what I’ve seen from other RV Reno’s you can add wood floors as long as they don’t add too much weight. If all goes according to plan I’ll pick a light option like these ones. My main focus is to make the space feel larger and bright, without it feeling stark. 

Colanders: By making sure that our functional items are good quality and beautiful, it will give it a homier feel and look! 

Plants: This is an obvious, but a combination of real and faux plants will make an appearance, just like in our home now. I will never not have plants in a room (quote me on that.. wait don’t) 

There it is! As with all my plans, this could change as we go, but again, what’s life without a little dreaming!?!

Now, I need to know, for those of you who’ve moved out of state before, what are your tips or experiences??? 

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