I quickly burned through the budget we set for our bathroom remodel. I’m looking at you McGee and Co first aid box. 
After the bulk of the work was done, I still needed to update lighting and our mirror situation at a deep discount. I’m talking basically free. 
Originally I wanted something like this above the vanity.

​​ But, alas, my wallet told me “no”. What’s that saying? “Necessity is the mother of invention” 
As a reminder, here’s what she looked like before. 

 I set out to mimic the look of that pricey rejuvenation mirror using glass adhesive, trim, and paint. It was a bumpy ride for sure, as are all DIY projects it seems. But, in the end, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.
Here’s how it went down. 
Supplies we usedLoctite PL Mirror Adhesive  $5.38-Wooden Lattice 1/4′ thick x 1 5/8′ wide (We used about 12 feet) $10.68-Black Paint (We had some leftover from our built-in project, but for something like this, you could get away with buying a small paint sample) -Chop-Saw -Painters Tape 
STEP 1. Find out how much trim you will need by measuring each side of the mirror. We ended up needing 12 feet of wood, and got a bit extra just to be safe.
STEP 2. Cut your corners. This part can seem a bit tricky if you aren’t used to working with a chop saw, but it’s really quite simple. Set your saw to a 45 degree angle and cut each side of the trim. As always, wear protective eye wear and keep fingers clear of the blade. 

​​ STEP 3. Once your corners are cut and ready, paint the trim and let it dry. This is crucial, as you don’t want to be painting this while it’s attached to the mirror.

 ​​Make sure that you paint front and back of the wood, or you’ll end up like we did, being able to see the unfinished side in the mirror. Don’t be like us.

 STEP 4. Attach the trim using the adhesive and allow to dry. You may need to cut notches out of the back side of the trim if you’re mirror has exposed brackets. Ours didn’t, so we were able to just pop it right on. TIP: Use a thin line of adhesive on the back. You don’t need nearly as much as you think you do!  

​​​STEP 5Tape the wood down to hold it secure while it drys. Let it dry 24 hours before removing the tape. 

​​ Because we already had painters tape, a chop saw, and paint, this whole project came in at less than $20.
Isn’t she gorgeous? A small budget doesn’t have to be a deciding factor in the look of your home, as long as you’re willing to get creative!