I actually stumbled across the huge sale going on at World Market while googling good table options. I saw this beautiful baby, and I’m pretty sure as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m gonna order it. $250 for a table?! COME ON.

 She’s normally priced at $659.99, but is on sale for $259.99 right now. 
I skimmed the rest of their furniture sale, and thought I’d share my top picks with you guys! 

 $324.99 Reg $649.99.  I absolutely adore this blend of metal and wood. From the picture it looks like the top is metal and the base is a light wood, but it’s actually the opposite. This would look so gorgeous in a modern dining room, with black accents! oooh.. 

 $179.99 Reg $249.99. This office chair reminds me of cigars. It’s probably the leather. Either way, it’s gorgeous and I want to give it a loving home. 

 $374.99 Reg $749.99. This is an insanely good deal, and I can speak from experience, this couch is incredibly comfortable. I designed my mom’s living room with this exact couch, but in Navy, and they have had nothing but good things to say about it.

 $499.99 Reg $999.99. I am obsessed with a chunky leg. Both on babies, and tables. And HALF-OFF. Please. 

 $99.99 Reg $249.99. This caught my eye immediately, just because it’s so unique. It’s natural wicker and is an easy way to add texture and a natural finish to an office. 

 $183.99 Reg $229.99. Lastly, the one I’m desperately trying to find a place for in my home. While it’s not the greatest discount, I added it to the list, because I try to share things with you guys that I would actually buy. And dang it, I would buy the heck out of this thing. Anyone else a sucker for Mid-Century Modern Legs? I’ve talked about legs a lot today.. Sorry for being weird (But really, you should expect it by now) 
Let me know if you find any good sales out right now! 
*This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own