We’ve been dying to get our paws on this bathroom since the moment we moved in, and it’s FINALLY happening! 

Can’t you see the pure joy in my face?! 
 For a quick reminder, this is what it looked like when we moved in:

 Obviously there’s a lot going on here. The counter-tops are a forest green marble, that are actually quite beautiful and unique, but the beige-tan color on the walls is coming off as peach next to that green. Remember the good ole color wheel from 4th grade art class? 
We plan to brighten up the walls to a pure white, so that the black trim and green marble shine! 
But.. first things first… that shower. 

I was all too happy to see that tile go! We knocked it down to the bare studs, and added some more insulation because our exterior facing wall had almost none! ​​

Next, we screwed on the waterproof cement board, and securely fit our niche between two studs. It was stupid easy. 

​There’s something about a shower niche that makes me feel like the top 1%. 
 We also put on the waterproofing membrane but I totally zoned and forgot to grab pictures! 
Two days after we demoed the shower, we were able to start laying tiles! 

Number of times I cursed myself for choosing such small tile: 14
We mixed up our mortar, but actually ended up switching to a pre-mixed thin-set halfway through. It was SO much easier and not nearly as messy. I would highly recommend it. 

We’ve been at this tiling project for almost two full weeks so far and have yet to grout. ugh. 
But, if all goes to plan, we could be grouting tomorrow and have this portion of the project done! Thank God!