We’ve talked about how to find your style and how to design with a partner in mind and those fall under the “Joy” umbrella. They’re all about finding what brings you and your partner joy and how to be cohesive in planning. 

If you missed those check them out here: 




We’re now going to move onto the “Haven” section of the


 design process. I use this process with all of my clients and my own home! 

Assess The Room Currently  

The first step toward uncovering the needs of your family is to take a look at how things are working for you now.

Because I design room by room, I take a look at the room I’m working on in particular and assess how it’s functioning. You could very well do this for your entire home, you’d just need a little more time.

When assessing how a room is working for you, take a look at things like;

-How long people linger in the room

-What it’s used for

-If it’s easy to maneuver in the space 

-Does everything have a home or do you find that random items collect

-If there’s seating is it comfortable? 

-If necessary is there a place to set a drink?

-How is the lighting 

-How much natural light is there?

-Is everything that you come in contact with comfortable? (Rugs, flooring, bedding, seating) 

-Does the natural light filtering in tinge the walls green from the green grass outside?

Some of these things you might not be able to fix or change, but it’s helpful to fully assess a space.

After you’ve gotten answers to these questions, you can see clearly if there are any glaring things you’d like to address and write down possible solutions for those problems. 

Dream A Bit


The next step might seem a bit lofty, but I want you to dream a little bit. I want you to take a second and picture the happiest, healthiest version of your family. Do you guys like to read? Do you bake together? Is your life calm and peaceful? Is it energetic and joyful? Don’t skimp on this step. This is the step that transforms your space. 


Now that you have that in mind you can move forward from this place knowing that your home can serve your goals. for example If you’d love to be a family that entertains and hosts game nights, you would be sure to have a large coffee table for board games and plenty of places to set a drink. 

Take a second to write down how your current space could serve those goals and help you live the life you want to live.

Think Individually 

Finally, take a moment and think about each person in your family individually. Think about their specific needs. For example, we have little ones that love to read and look at books, so it’s important to me to have a small basket available for them to read in our living room. What needs to the individual members of your family have when it comes to specific rooms and how can you meet those needs in the space? 

Haven Blue Print

Bird Living Room 


-Most commonly used room in our home 

-Used for talking together, watching tv, relaxing, reading 

-Very easy to maneuver in the space

-Everything has a place in this room

-The seating is comfortable 

-Lots of natural light 

-No place to set a drink on one side of the couch : Add a small coffee table next to that side. 

-Lighting in the evening is lacking: On top of the new side table, add a table lamp to illuminate that corner 

-Flooring isn’t the most comfortable: Add a rug 

-Natural light filtering in tinges the walls green in the summer: If it really bothered me (it doesn’t) we could paint the walls a color with a pink undertones, to offset the green. 


-We read often 

-We host game nights 

-Active and outdoors often: Reduce the amount of things we own, in order to spend less time cleaning/tidying. More time would be available for outdoor fun! 

Individual Family Member’s Needs:

-Boys: Reading, open space to play/wrestle with dad 

-Us: Comfortable couches, calm and peaceful to unwind at the end of the day 

Now it’s your turn! Today’s challenge adds another layer to the design plan for your space! If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you should have you and your family’s style down pat, and now know functionally your needs from your space!