Last May, we had an unfortunate incident with our shower fixture… A certain family member (who will remain unnamed *cough* Sean) pulled the handle a little too far one way and literally busted the entire faucet off. Water was shooting out of our wall like a fire hose and all I could think was “HULK SMASH!” Why is that kid so strong?! 

We tried to just replace the faucet, but because whoever designed our bathroom, tiled in around the previous shower fixtures, it tore up our shower tile in the process. We pulled up the surrounding tile and were going to replace it on the cheap, but alas, the tile we need is no longer available. 

So we did what any responsible homeowner with three children would do. We covered up that gaping hole with some sort of fancy water resistant tarp (Don’t you like my technical knowledge?), got a cheapo faucet, and waited until the time was right to fix it. 

AKA, a year and a half later. #priorities. 

Here’s the evidence in all it’s glory. 

 No amount of photoshop can make that pretty.. trust me, I tried.

Oh the shame… 

Self-loathing session: over. To be completely honest, I always hated that tile, so replacing it is a good excuse to redesign the family bathroom! #optimism

Here’s what I’m loving! 

1. Shower Fixture

2. Wall Sconces

3. Mirror 

4. Art 

5. First Aid Box 

6. Hand Towel 

Our bathroom already has beautiful black trim on the window and door, and even a black built in, so I wanted to work with the natural beauty the room already had. You really can never go wrong with black and white, especially in an older home like ours. 

My motive with the design was to create a space that was fun and modern, but still meshed well with the old charm our home already has. Subway tile does a great job of blending old and new finishes in a space. 

I decided to go with brass hardware because a) I love brass, so there. and b) because it has an antique, aged look about it that pulled out that old charm I keep harping about. 

We also have a dark green marble counter top that I have a love-hate relationship with. We can’t afford to replace it right now so, might as well work with it! The artwork will ideally pull out and accent the greens in the counter top. 

Now that the design is in process, I actually cannot bare to look at that freaking hole a day longer!