I was asked recently how I go about planning out my kids rooms. Do I give them free reign, or do I pick everything out for them? Up until this point, I hadn’t really thought about it, if I’m being honest. My boys are just now getting to the age where they want a say in their room (and clothes, and menu, and just about everything else). 
Now that they are a little bit older, I want them to have a space that is just theirs, reflects their personalities, and brings them joy. Out of curiosity, I asked them what they wanted their room to look like. (My oldest two share a room)
This is the request I got from Simon: “I want superheroes mama!” 
So, superheroes he shall get! Vintage superheroes, because nothing is better than those old, well-loved comics. I want their room to have that feel, and to have a timelessness about it. 
Running with that aesthetic, I knew I wanted a few key items:1. Metal framed beds. I love the charm and look of metal beds, and it will add to that vintage feeling.2. In order to play on the comic book idea, one of the walls will have black vinyl dots. I considered using all sorts of shapes, such as lightning bolts or stars, but ended up with simple dots. The room will already hold a lot of visual weight, and I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.3. It has to have a bit of fun. It is a little boys room for goodness sake. It should encourage play and joy for them, but be equally as beautiful.4. To create something that will grow with them, or be easily updated. 
I went searching for inspiration, and these few stuck with me. 
This bright and cheery kids room from Make and Do Studio. I love that it still has the feel of a kids room, without going overly childish. And, per usual, I love a good back and white base.

​I absolutely love how peaceful this scene is! I’m unable to find the photo cred, so if this is yours, comment and let me know!! ​​

I’ve been wanting to get to work on this room for quite some time. Here’s what it looks like now. ​​

​  There’s a ton of space there, and I love the low windows and angled ceilings. ​​

I’ll paint the walls white (I know you’re shocked) and on the back wall with the window, I’ll paint a simple cityscape, with the boys initials as beacons above their beds. Kind of like this, except, like way prettier…

The boys beds will flank the window, and I’ll likely put a cute little nightstand in between.
Here’s the fun part. 

1. This metal bed from Amazon is really affordable and it doesn’t require a box spring, which is a huge plus for me. Less to buy, less to maintain, less stress for mama! 

2. Marvel Avenger sheets. This set is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s the only sheet set I could find with the vintage characters, so Pottery Barn it is!

3. Pillowfort comforter in Blue. At only $35, I’ll recoup some of the loss from those dang sheets! Layering this comforter over the sheets, will tone down the busyness and color, and make the bed look more grown up. 

4.  Neutral Hero Pillow was actually picked out by Simon! The boy’s got good taste. 

5. Bang comic book art. Love that this is super simple, so you’re eye can focus on the focal points of the room. 
I cannot wait to get this started, and see those cute little faces when we do the big reveal!