It has taken me way longer than I’m proud of, to realize that if I want to stop doing 15 loads of towels a week (only a slight exaggeration) then I need to hang up individual hooks for each member of our family. 
This DIY was born out of need, nay, desperation, to stop finding musty towels on the bathroom floor. 
It really is pretty simple. 
I got these hooks from Target on clearance in the hearth and hand line.  They don’t come with labels, so I also grabbed some basic place card holders, simply because I liked the color and the card-stock feel to them. You can use whatever paper you have available, but if these are going in a bathroom, I suggest something a bit sturdier than printer paper. 
Originally I wanted our full names on these, so I typed them up on Adobe illustrator, printed them off onto vinyl, and stuck em’ on the card-stock. 
After all that work… I hated them. 

 I quickly aborted mission and decided to draw numbers on each. I figured hand lettering a single number was a lot easier than getting entire names right! 
I cut the paper to fit, and just taped them to the back of the hooks, being careful to not let any tape show. 
Now looking back, it would have been SOOO much easier to type up the numbers and just print them off… 
So, do what I say and not what I do. Save yourself the trouble, and do this on the computer! ​​

 Even if I did make these the hard way, I love the way they turned out and they make my life way easier! Enjoy!