Today I’m sharing some of the products I’m going to be using in my mom’s new build! I’m loving this serene feeling for the half bath. This will be the bathroom that is used most frequently, so we needed to go with something that would stand the test of time and was not too overpowering, as it’s a fairly small space. 

1. I talked about this mirror  over in my coffee talk post, but in case you missed it, I chose this particular one for a few reasons. The first being that I wanted something round to breakup the many rectangular and square items in the space already. Second, it has gorgeous wooden detailing around it, that tied in nicely with the other natural finishes. 

2. This vanity is absolutely stunning. I knew I wanted something that had a really raw wooden finish, but that wasn’t too light. The floors will be a rich dark wood, so this will compliment them nicely. My mom wanted a vessel sink, so I was sure to choose a vanity that accommodated. 

3. It’s a little hard to tell from the photo, but this rug actually has raised detailing with different shades of blue. The beige parts of the mat are almost jute like in texture and are really stunning. I love mixing textures in a space, and this will be a beautiful addition. 

4. Again, I talked about this charcoal stone soap dispenser in my most recent Coffee Talk post. This dispenser is so dang heavy! I love the contrast between it and the other lighter, primitive finishes. 

5. Ceramic Vessel Sink. I chose white ceramic in order to give your eye a rest in this fairly small space. I’m unable to find the exact vessel sink we’re choosing, but this is a pretty good duplicate. If purchasing, always be sure to measure the vanity to be sure everything will fit nicely. 

6. These beautiful branch watercolors will hang stacked one atop the other over the toilet. 

7. Last but not least, the natural wicker waste basket. I searched high and low on Target’s website to find the exact one we purchased this weekend, and I can’t find it anywhere! These Serena & Lily baskets will work just fine as a dupe. Aren’t they gorgeous?! 

I’m SOOO ready to get these beautiful products in the space! Happy Styling!