Literally the day we moved into our house, I dreamed of taking the doors off of these black beauties, and putting some new handles on. 
Well, we finally did it (only two and a half years later…) and I can’t even. I physically cannot even. 
Here’s what it looked like before: 

As you can tell, they were a little worse for the ware, but still you can see what a hidden gem it is! Our house was built in the late 1800’s, and this unit is original to the house! So I wanted to keep it looking classic, while updating it and giving it a fresh coat of paint. 
First we unscrewed the drawer pulls and hinges and pulled the doors off, storing them, in case the next owners of our home want them. 

 Next, I spackled the screw holes in using this filler paste.  We opted for a tube instead of a tub, because the holes are quite deep, and I wanted something that was able to fill them completely. Because the paste is pretty thick, it took a bit of elbow grease to get it to come out, but other than that, it worked like a charm and dried quickly. 

 After it had dried, I sanded down the spackle, and painted over the entire cabinet, drawer faces and all. We opted for a satin finish, because it’s better suited for high traffic areas exposed to moisture. This is the paint we used, in the color black. 
FINALLY, we were able to install the drawer pulls that I geeked out over for so long. We got ours at Target, and I can’t find a link to them, but you can find something similar here.
I went to install them, and much to my dismay, found that the existing holes, were 2 and 1/2 inches apart, while our pulls were 3 inches long.  
Using the directions on the pulls themselves, we drilled new holes and installed my beautiful brass babies.​

 Aren’t they gorgeous?! 

This cabinet is the only storage we have for our bathroom, so in order to maintain the level of functionality that we had, after getting rid of the doors,I got this pretty first aid box from McGee and Co to store medicine and band-aids.  The rest of the shelves house our towels. The drawers are a complete mess, and not nearly as pretty as the shelves, so I’ll spare you a shot of those. 
I am beyond happy with how it turned out, and will be posting a full bathroom reveal once we finish the drywall around the shower!