I have to admit, the thought of downsizing from owning our own home to an apartment was not at all appealing. I had visions of popcorn ceilings, cramped dimly lit rooms, and linoleum everything. Granted, trying to make those accommodations look as good as our 1800 style home would have been a challenge I’d jump at. 

But, and that’s a big but, we’re so relieved to have found a good clean canvas with some character!

Our kitchen is actually nicer than our last house with granite counter tops and all new appliances. The color scheme is a little cooler than my style but I absolutely cannot complain. The main living space is an open concept with pretty vinyl plank floors and freaking crown molding. 

Off the living room there’s a set of french doors leading to the den that we’ll use for my office. 


Our bathroom is probably the room I’m most unsure of design wise. It’s got a beige tile shower with grey paint and counters. It’s not hideous by any means, it’ll just take a minute to think of something that fits our style. In the back hallway there are two generous side by side bedrooms, that are almost identical. The boys all sleep in one and we’ve got the other.

So we still don’t have a direction nailed down for the house BUT I have been day dreaming and collecting inspiration lately! This is what we’re into; 

How perfect is this Parisian Apartment? I’ve been obsessed with them recently! We obviously won’t be able to turn our craftsman style apartment into a French flat, but I’m bound and determined to find a way to infuse that effortless mix of elegance and casual living in our place. 


Again with the elegant/casual combo. It’s just so timeless. I’ve found myself steering away from trends and returning back to the basics. What’s more basic than a black and white gallery wall? 


And finally, McGee and Co can do no wrong in my eyes! I have my eye on a faux cowhide rug for my office, but I saw this layering moment happening with McGee and Co and was smitten! A classic jute rug with a little twist of cowhide. COME ON. 

I’m so freaking ready to get my paws on this place! 

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