The thought of leaving our house made me cringe at first. I absolutely love our home, and truly imagined us growing old here. It’s modest and charming, with enough history to make it interesting, and I didn’t think we’d ever leave. 

But plans change, and now that I’ve had time to settle with everything, I’m truly excited for what the future holds! If you’ve got no clue what I’m talking about, We’re Moving! 

Because we head out in August (eek…) we’ve started to downsize a bit. Going from a 2,500 square foot house to a 300 square foot RV means we’ve got to get rid of A LOT.

I’m a minimalist at heart, so the thought of downsizing everything is honestly pretty exciting. Anyway, we’ve been purging room by room, and it just got me thinking about what the house looked like when we moved in, where it is now, and where I dreamed it would be. This is kind of a report card of how we’ve done since we moved in three years ago. Disclaimer: My grading is by no means scientific so don’t put too much weight in that, haha. 


This is what it looked like when we moved (these are the listing photos). From the very beginning I adored those angled ceilings that made it feel cottage-y.

 Here’s what it looks like now!


We painted the walls a soft off white, installed white ship-lap, and hung curtains. I had plans to rip out the carpet, because just like our living room, there are beautiful hardwoods under there. I suppose we probably could rip it out still, but without being sure what shape the floors are in, I don’t want to give ourselves one more project to do. 

Master Bedroom Grade: C 


I think it’s hilarious that the updates we made to the living room took about a week and cost us maybe $200 to do, and for some reason we waited until year three to do them. To be fair, we truly didn’t know those gorgeous original hardwoods were under there! 

From the time of purchasing we ripped out the carpets, painted the walls (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter), and hung curtains. It was all quite simple and made a drastic difference! It just goes to show you, you don’t necessarily need a massive budget to transform a room. 

If we were staying here, I’d probably work on getting the floors sanded and stained (I wish we would have done it right away) but we’ve got so much to do with such little time, we’re going to have to forgo that project. My long term dream was to put a pretty fire place in! It’s my life long goal to have a fire place. Dream big people. Lol 

Living Room Grade: B+


I can honestly say there’s nothing I would change about this room, and it’s probably the one I have the most trouble leaving. If you’ve followed along for some time, you know that we painted that gorgeous built in, and the walls, switched out the light fixture, added floor to ceiling curtains, and special artwork to the walls. I love this room and I never want to leave it. NEVER!


Dining Room Grade: A (is it cocky to give yourself an A?? haha) 


We have not done a single thing to our kitchen. Wait, scratch that, we replaced the kitchen faucet but that was only out of necessity. I don’t know why I didn’t just paint the cupboards to have a cheap and quick makeover, but alas, here we are. These are the listing photos, because literally nothing has changed. Except it’s our stuff on the counters. Lol. 


As you know the kitchen remodel was in the plans for 2019 but with us unexpectedly moving, there’s really no point trying to squeeze it in. I had a total overhaul planned! Ripping out a wall between the kitchen and dining, relocating the exterior door, adding open shelving, painting cabinets with all new hardware and back-splash. The works I tell you, the works! 

Kitchen Grade: D. This grade is only a measure of what I hoped to accomplish, not an assessment of the kitchen itself. 


This was another one that I wish I would have just jumped into sooner. With only a hundred and fifty bucks and a month, we totally transformed this room. We added DIY board and batten, painted, replaced the mirror and added some cute hanging plants and artwork! 

The only things I’d probably change would be to switch out the flooring and vanity, but I’d say for my budget and time restriction she’s looking pretty good! 

Half Bath Grade: B+


I am so stinking proud of the work we did on this bathroom. When we first moved in I was completely stumped as to how I was gonna work with that counter top and shower tile. After an unfortunate incident that ended with a gaping hole in our tile, we decided to use the opportunity for an overhaul. I wish we would have been able to replace the counter top and possibly the floors too, but like I said I’m crazy proud of this transformation! 

We replaced the tile in the shower with fresh white subway tile and a dark grout, pulled off the doors and pulls of the built in cabinet and replaced them, added a frame to the builders grade mirrorrefreshed the light fixture, painted the walls, and finished it off with simple and bright decor! I’m so in love with this bathroom, even now! 

Main Bathroom Grade: A (there she goes again..) 


There are quite a few things that I’d change if I were redoing this room all over again. Namely: the paint. White is just not a realistic color for my boys. Maybe it’s just us but it WILL NOT stay clean no matter what I do. I also wish we would have used some better quality paint for the trim work, as it’s chipping in a few places already. But overall, I’m happy with the transformation. We brightened up the walls, added some interest with black trim, and hemmed some simple grey curtains. Long term I would have liked to see the flooring change and definitely the light fixture! 

Boys Room Grade: C


Cheesy as it may seem, I still can’t get over our cute little house! Even with everything I’d love to work on, this house has been nothing but good to us (even if we did have to replace the furnace, but we won’t hold that against her). I work hard to appreciate our home in every step of the journey, especially on our last step! (I’m not crying, you’re crying!) 

This was such a fun trip down memory lane! I really hope this inspires you to enjoy your space in every stage but also to not be afraid to make some “In between” makeovers. You’ll be surprised when you look back at all you’ve accomplished!