? “We are the champions my frieeend..”

You guys, it’s done! Well, at least for now. You know I can’t sit still for long! 

Adding the crown jewels of this beauty was such a great reward for pushing through and getting that B&B up in week 3. 

Part of me is day-dreaming about painting those floors and replacing that boob light, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy where this room is right now! 

Look how far we’ve come! Remember this 4 short weeks ago??

If you followed along in my insta-stories you’ll know that I found this precious print in a magazine and just cut it out and framed it. I’m so freaking in love with how it looks with the soft blush of these walls! 

As far as my first ORC goes, I think I did alright. 

1 month CHECK 

1 room CHECK

1 Hundred dollars….ummm.. so yeah about that. 

Here’s where things went off the rails.. 

Well, see the furring strips and supplies ended up costing about $30 more than I expected and I decided on a buying a gold frame for that print, so we ended at $150. I realize that it’s almost half our original budget over what we planned, but I’m SOO thankful that we went ahead and did the B&B anyway! And let’s be real, fifty extra bucks for THIS… WORTH IT.