I think we all view the new year as a way to start fresh. For most of us, that means resolutions involving less sugar and more exercise. 
But just recently, I was thinking that instead of making resolutions to do more, or eat less, what would it look like if my single resolution was to have more grace with myself. 
In all facets of my life. More grace when it comes to work, and health, relationships, and finances. More margins. More room to exhale. 
What would that look like? As I thought about this, I slowly came to the conclusion that I not only need grace with myself, but specifically with my home. Strange, I know, but hear me out. 
What if we had grace with our homes when they were messy. Unfinished. Not magazine worthy. 
What if we saw our homes with gratitude? For the memories they hold and the joy they create? 

I personally get so caught up with making everything perfect, exactly the way it looks in my mind’s eye, that I often forget to enjoy where my home is right now. 
This year, I’m going to be intentional about grace. And when I screw up, and start yearning for a finished kitchen, hey, I’ll have grace about that too. 
I hope you’re inspired to have grace with yourself too, because right where you are now, you are enough. 
Happy New Year.