We’re finally going to be laying down the framework for our room and purchasing some items! I know this was a fairly intensive process to get here, but I promise a space always turns out better when you take your time!

If you missed the first three steps, you can find them here! 




The foundation for me is a combination of certain items that help you get a feel for the rest of the room! These items in order are; 

1) A Rug 

2) Curtains/Window Treatments

Let me explain each one a bit.


Almost every room I’ve encountered could benefit from an intentional rug. Rugs have a way of defining and grounding a space. I’ve found that it is the easiest first step to planning out a space.

If you have carpet, you might still consider a rug if you have a low or medium pile. I usually don’t add anything to shag carpet because it’s a little difficult to press it firmly down. But other than that, it is totally possible and helpful even to add a rug over carpet. 

1) First I measure the dimensions of the space and find out what size rug I need (Every piece of furniture in the space should have at least two legs on the rug and keep 18 inches bare along the rugs perimeter. In a kitchen usually a runner or a 2×3 at the kitchen sink suffices) 


2) Next I take a look at that handy inspiration board (that we worked on in Step 1: Finding your Interior Design Style) and see if there are any common rug themes. If so, I draw off those themes and search out a rug. I prefer rug shopping in person because you can actually feel and see the accurate color of it, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. 

In Person Sources  

West Elm


World Market 

Home Goods 

Online Sources 


McGee and Co 



3) While you’re shopping, let your gut kind of lead you. If you see one that stands out to you, pop it in your cart and compare it to your joy list like we did in step 1. The glorious thing about choosing a rug first is that you can use this base to draw off for paint color. It’s harder to do it the opposite way around. 


You should be pretty well seasoned at knowing if something is on your joy list, so once you’ve got that picked out, let’s move on to curtains! 


I choose curtains next because we’re almost creating a sandwich of foundation. If you imagine the rug being the base and the curtains drawing your eye to the ceiling, if those are cohesive, the middle section can be layered more easily! 

1) First off measure the dimensions of the windows. All curtains should be hung high and wide. I prefer mine to kiss the ground every so slightly, because it elongates a room and makes the window look taller. A good rule of thumb is to hang the curtain rod 2/3rds the distance from the window to the ceiling (you can opt to hang them right below the ceiling for an even more dramatic look). The rod should extend wider than the window at least 4 inches, but I prefer to go as wide as 10 inches on each side. 


2) Using your joy list, shop around a bit for something that favors the rug you chose. They don’t have to match completely but the colors should be in the same family. Neutrals are always a safe bet, but you can totally get away with a bit more color as long as they play nicely with the rug colors! 

In Person Sources

Target (they often don’t have long enough drapes, so make sure you’re checking sizes) 


Pottery Barn 

Online Sources

Ikea (I almost always use and recommend this curtain set. It’s simple, inexpensive, and looks amazing!) 


You should have these two items picked out now! I would suggest actually putting them in the space for a little while to make sure they are the right fit before moving on to the next step. Yes, that means I hang my curtains before I paint! It may seem backwards, but I like to make sure the foundation is perfect before picking a paint color anyway! It’s easier to unscrew a curtain rod to paint, than it is to get a wall color up, find out it’s wrong and have to repaint! 


Good luck my friends, and happy styling!! 

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