The challenge with this room was creating a space that my little ones loved, while not swaying too far to the “cartoon” side of a character themed room. 

Goals of Design-Keep it Minimal 

My boys are 4 and 2, so I didn’t want a ton of unnecessary items that they would feel tempted to throw everywhere. (Or end up destroying, let’s be real) My goal was to create a peaceful space.  We have a playroom that houses most of their toys, so only a select few stay in their rooms. 

​​-Age Well 

I chose classic black and white for the base, and added color with textiles and artwork. This way, it will be really simple to change it up as they grow.

 ​Not too Busy

I decided on a solid blue comforter, and chose bright busy sheets so that the majority of the “Character” was covered up and wasn’t too much to take in at once. The boys get all their favorite superheroes, and mom get’s a bed she can look at without wanting to vomit primary colors. Win-Win.

 ​​Eventually I want to add a rug, and some more artwork, but I know my children and it would be futile now ?
Here’s where we started. And yes, I cleared out almost everything in their room for this before photo! 

 While it’s surely not going to win classiest room award, they love it and have fun in there, and isn’t that the whole point of home? 

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