Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the high price of curtains. 

 Per usual, I’m cheap, and searched out the least expensive curtains I could find. Everything was going according to plan. I was standing happily in the target aisle, my kids were losing their cool because we’d been out shopping all day, and there they were: a pack of two panels, the exact shade of gray I was looking for, and only $20 a piece. There was just one small hiccup. 
They were the wrong size. I needed 84″, and these were 95″. 
I didn’t have a real plan at that point to fix the curtains, but I was exhausted (read: sick and tired of hearing my kids whine) so I threw em’ in the cart and figured I’d deal with them later. 
After doing a little digging on the internet, I came across this tutorial from YoungHouseLove, and adapted it a bit for our curtains. Here’s the gist: 

Supplies Needed: 

-Iron On Hem Tape

-An Iron

-Ironing board

-Curtains of your choice. These are ours. 

-Measuring Tape

-Fabric Pins

Step One:Pre-Wash and Iron

You MUST Pre-wash and iron your curtains before working with them. Washing them before hand ensures that you won’t hang them, and then eventually have to wash them, and shrink them in the dryer. This is a good rule of thumb for all curtains. Ironing ensures that your measurements are correct when you begin hemming. 

Step Two: Measuring

Measure out how long you want your curtains, fold them over, and pin them at the fold. This just helps keep your place.

Step Three: Adhere the Hem Tape

After you’ve laid out your curtains, fold side up, un-pin sections of your fabric at a time, and lay your hem tape down, paper side up. Iron it on and let it dry.  ​​

Once dry, pull the paper off the tape, and lay your top section of fabric over the hem tape. Iron each section for 8 seconds each. Repeat this process until the entire bottom is hemmed. 

Once these bad boys are done, hang em up, and sit back and admire your domestic prowess, you Martha Stewart, you. 
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