If you’ve seen the mood board for my boys room, you know that I had such grand aspirations and hopes. I was going to put vinyl dots on one wall, and paint a simple city-scape on another, and subsequently win mother of the year award. 
And then I painted the trim black. 
Here’s how it looked before

 Here’s how it looked after.

I painted that freaking trim, stood back and realized, “wow, this looks so grown up” 
Followed by “A mural is gonna look so out of place here” 
Immediately I started trying to come up with an alternate plan and took to trusty Instagram for a vote. Frame some vintage comics and put it above their beds, or continue on with the mural? The votes were unanimously for comics. 
I was secretly relieved. Not only did it give me an excuse to make this a bit more grown up, but it also meant I wouldn’t have to paint another day in that room! Win-win. 
These beautiful vintage comics were Etsy finds, and were only around $20 for all four. They’re one of a kind, so if you head here, you won’t find the exact ones we have, but the seller has plenty of others to choose from (at the time of this writing). 
Next, I grabbed some light wooden frames from Target. I chose wood because I wanted to add some natural finishes in the room, and I picked 16 x 20  because I wanted to be able to frame two comics side by side. 
I actually had to have custom matte board cut at Hobby Lobby for me, in order to get the size I needed. It ended up being about $15 for board and to cut them both. If you go in and ask the framing department, they should be able to help you out.

Lastly, I grabbed mounting putty to adhere them without damage. I probably wouldn’t use the same type again, however, because after I had already mounted the comics, I went to try to move one, and the comic almost ripped when I tried to gently peel it off! I guess they will be forever framed, but if I had to do it all again, I’d grab this putty. The reviews are excellent and it’s non-damaging. 
When mounting them, be sure to place them evenly apart and level as you go! 
This really was a pretty straightforward project, and honestly I think it looks better than I ever hoped the mural would! 

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