It’s no secret that Seth and I fall under the minimalist umbrella. We’re always searching for ways to be more mindful of our consuming habits, and one of our favorite ways is to lean more heavily on experience based gifts for holidays! 

On our boy’s birthdays for example, we ask family to give a fun day with the birthday boy. They take them to a ropes course, zoo, or something like that. There are still physical gifts to unwrap of course, but having a focus on memory-making gifts lessens the amount of junk we have and emphasizes growing relationships and enjoying each-other! Success! 

In the spirit of making memories, I put together a gift guide for the dad’s in your life that give him the chance to go do something fun or learn something new! Let’s jump in! 


Airbnb Experiences

Simply type in your locale and browse a list of available experiences around your town! Pub crawls, guided hikes, intimate concerts in fun venues. Depending on your area, this can be a valuable source to find your next adventure! 

Price Varies by Experience and Location

Broadway Tickets

Broadway is a classic and I’m of the persuasion that everyone should see a Broadway play at least once in their lives! 


Master Class

Master class offers online education for just about anything you could want. Your guy could learn magic from Penn & Teller, Acting from Natalie Portman, or Home cooking from Gordon Ramsay! There are tons of others, and with an All Access Pass he can choose any class he wants. 

$15/Month Billed Annually 


Food & Drink 

Wine and Beer Tour 

We’re about thirty minutes from Beer City, USA (Grand Rapids, MI). So yeah, we’re kind of a big deal. Just kidding. 

But seriously, one of the best ways to fully experience your region is to take a wine or beer tour. This might require a bit of homework on your part to find one near you, but I’ve added a link to a tour in the Traverse City, MI area that looks fun!

Price Varies by location


Local Cooking Classes 

How fun would it be to learn how to make truffles or paella with your man?

    Unique Date Night 

+  New recipes in your tool belt

=  Win win.  


Cloud 9 Living 

I hesitate to add Cloud 9 to the food and drink category, simply because they have tons of different experiences to choose from. You could easily find something fun to do, but they also offer a variety of food experiences. They range from touring local farmer’s markets to champagne cruises. Seriously there’s something for everyone, so take some time to dig in! 

Price Varies by Location



Exotic Car Racing 

I’m not quite sure how this is safe and legally allowed, but hey that must mean it’s fun, haha. Rent an exotic race car for him and he’ll get to see what it’s like to get to the other half of that speedometer. 

Starting at $238

Indoor Sky Diving

I didn’t know this was even a thing until a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll be honest I’m intrigued. For a budget friendly thrill, send him for a simulated sky dive! 

Starting at $70

Escape Room 

We’ve yet to give this a try, but I’ve heard great things! The idea is you’re “trapped” in a room with a series of clues and objects to try to escape with. This could be fun as a couple or grab a few friends and test your skills! (Link above is for a local Escape Room. Do a quick search to find one in your area!) 

Starts at $30/Person

Hatchet Throwing 

Last but not least, if your guy loves to go to the shooting range, I’d wager he’d love to try his hand at hatchet throwing. This is top on my list for Seth this Father’s day!  (Again, you’ll have to do a little research to find a local throwing range!) 

Price Varies by Location


Let me know if you surprised the dad’s in your life with any of these new experiences! I’d love to hear how he liked them!