Every month, the ladies in my family get together for a girls night. It usually involves some sort of delicious food, but the activity varies. This month we decided to make beeswax wraps. You’ve probably heard of them, but if not, they are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. 
Aaand… they’re so much less frustrating to find than a matching Tupperware lid. Let’s face it, everyone has a cupboard with a mountain of mismatched lids, right? Amiright? Just me.. okay moving on.  Tutorial Time! 
1. 100% Cotton fabric. A yard or two will do, depending on how many wraps you’re making.  Wash and dry ahead of time to prevent bleeding. 
2. Beeswax. We used this one, however I wish we would have gotten a white wax, because the yellow did tint the fabric a bit. If that’s not a concern for you, don’t worry about it! 
3. Parchment Paper 
4. Iron
5. Ironing Board 
6. Paper 
7. Sewing pins 
8. Pinking Shears 
STEP 1:Trace the various containers you want to cover with the wraps, on paper and cut them out. 

STEP 2: Pin the paper to your fabric and cut the fabric around your stencils. Leave an inch or two of margin, because the fabric might shrink up a little when you apply the wax. 

STEP 3: Lay a piece of parchment paper down, then the fabric. Pour the beeswax over the fabric and cover with an additional piece of parchment paper. Be sure that the fabric is completely covered on both sides with the paper. 

STEP 4: With your iron on Medium, iron over the parchment paper and fabric. Be sure to melt the beeswax. Check your wrap and if there are any spots without wax, pour some on and repeat the process on each spot. 

STEP 5: Let the wraps dry out. We hung ours over a chair until they were fairly stiff. 

STEP 6: You’re done! Use the wraps by placing around the circumference of your container and letting your hands warm up the edges of the wrap, molding them into place. 

​​ Enjoy!