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This project was really more of an experiment than anything. Typically, when I fly by the seat of my pants, I end up crying and covered in hot glue. This time, however, curiosity paid off!

 Supplies Needed

-Parchment Paper 


-Mod Podge


-Comic Book Pages (I just printed some off, so we didn’t have to wreck a book) 

-Small Disposable Measuring Cups & Mixing Sticks

-Disposable rubber gloves 

​​Step 1: Cut pieces of comic book paper to size. Lay out parchment paper for a work surface. 

​​Step 2: Brush mod podge on both the knob and the back of the paper round. Lay the round on top of the knob, and brush mod podge over it, sealing down the edges. Repeat this step for all knobs. Let the knobs dry for a couple hours.

Step 3: After the knobs are dry, mix up equal parts resin and hardener, following the directions on the resin. Wear gloves from this step forward.  

Step 4: Place a new sheet of parchment paper inside of a baking pan or edged dish. Put the knobs, face up on the parchment paper

Step 5: While leaving the knobs level and flat in the dish, brush a small amount of resin mixture on each knob. Do this step carefully and try to keep the resin from dripping off the edges.

Step 6: Once every knob looks even and shiny, cover the tin with another sheet of parchment paper, being careful not to touch the knobs with the paper. Put them on a level surface and let them dry for 36 hours, before installing. 
Tip: Be sure to place the tin somewhere without heavy traffic, because anything that lands on the fresh resin (dog hair, dust, baby fingerprints) will stay in the resin for good.