I thought it’d be sweet now and then, to just share what’s going on with us, what products we’re loving, and just keep it casual. Sound fun? Let’s get to it! 
1. This throw blanket from Ikea is everything to me right now. Hands up if you are FREEZING in the summer cause everybody and their brother wants to blast the AC!? This throw is basically an over-sized sweater. In fact, it has been mistaken for a stray sweater lounging on our couch more times than not. It’s just the best thing. Seriously. 
2.  I discovered Floret’s Cut Flower Farm in the latest Magnolia Journal and this little family just charmed the crap out of me. They are a cut flower farm based in Washington and they have the most gorgeous blooms and gardens I have ever seen. The obsession is real. So my wonderful husband bought me their book. I have spent many an hour reading this how-to guide for raising the most beautiful blooms to harvest. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with flowers, but much to my dismay, have a black thumb. Hopefully, after finishing this bad boy, I won’t kill every plant I touch. Cross your fingers. 
3. I’m in the process of losing the last bit of baby weight from having Asher, and this week found the coolest app called Life Sum. It basically tracks everything that you eat, drink, and any exercise you do, and lets you know if you’re on track or not. I chose this one because I’m tracking my macros right now, and it allows you to customize your macro levels based on your need and goals. Every time you input a food, it will give you a cute little smiley or frowny face, based on how healthy the food is, and my kids currently think it’s the greatest thing ever to find out if mom got a smiley or not.
So far, it’s been really mind blowing to see how many empty foods I regularly eat, and has just overall made me more aware of what I’m consuming.
4.  I actually bought something nearly identical to these shoes last year from Aldo, but just brought them back out again for the season. Don’t you love finding “New” things in your closet? I wore these to a wedding last night and got so many freaking compliments on them. I adore these because they can be dressed up or down,  and have a wedge on em’ so I don’t have to worry about breaking my ankles. Win!
5. We got the cute little sign above, from Michael’s last week and it’s satisfying my desires to be snarky in a public way.
Alright, that’s all for today! Happy Saturday!