Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you are all munching on Christmas cookies, wrapping gifts, and sitting around a fire! 
I’m doing my best to enjoy some relaxing before the craziness that is Christmas takes over my home. We have a big family dinner tonight and then about 10 people spending the night here. Oh my goodness, what was I thinking?! 
We have always had a great big family, that loves to do everything together, which I LOVE. But it’s gonna be insane right?!
I kinda can’t wait. I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, because apparently I’m 8 years old. But now it’s for such different reasons. I never believed that I could be just as excited watching someone else open presents, until I had kids. 
Those sweet little faces light up, and I just can’t even. The most magical part to me, is just doing things the way we’ve always done them. There’s no need to recreate the wheel, and I love the culture that family traditions create. The kids all know that every Christmas Eve we’ll read the Christmas story from the Bible, before snuggling into bed.
They know that every Christmas morning, daddy will sneak downstairs to see if Santa came. If he finds presents under the tree, he’ll play The Christmas Song (By Nat King Cole) and everyone can run downstairs. 
I love these traditions, even if they are simple. It just says “This is what it means to be a part of our family”. ​​

So this Christmas Eve, I’m gonna settle into our traditions, be intentional about enjoying the day and not worrying about perfection (or 10 extra bodies roaming about my home). I’m gonna exhale, and enjoy these moments. 
How are you being intentional about joy, this holiday season?