We’re in the middle of a winter vortex here in beautiful West Michigan. Temps have gotten as low as -15 and for about a week we were pretty much stuck in the house. Which of course means I did WAYY more online shopping than I needed to. 
Ta-da!! The fruits of getting 3 feet of snow in a day: 

Yes, I know I’ve talked about my new table and chairs already, but no, I WILL NOT CALM DOWN.
We have only ever had an Ikea table, and while it totally served it’s purpose and treated us well over the years, we were ready for something with some character. I stare at it constantly. I carefully wash and dry it after every meal. If my table could talk, this is what it would say: 

But seriously, I love it. 
Okay, moving on. 
Because we have been stuck in the house, we’re doing a bit of binge-watching as of late. (Aren’t our habits so healthy?)  We recently started The Final Table, on Netflix. If you’re a fan of cooking shows, give it a shot. It’s something light and easy to watch after a long day, and it’s fun to see all the amazing creations the chefs come up with. 
Lastly, I can’t leave this rug out, because it is so incredibly affordable ($349 for a 8×10) and it’s from McGee and Co of all places. (Typically their rugs are pretty pricey) I ordered this one for the dining room, so I’ll share photos as soon as it’s here! 
How are you all holding up this winter?? 
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