We are well into the holiday spirit over here. This time of year is my favorite. I love all the parties and food, and getting to see out of town relatives. Not to mention the fact that our house is practically made for Christmas with the green siding and red shudders. Look at her! She was born for this! 

 We decorated for Christmas on black Friday, and while our home surely isn’t going to win any style awards, it’s ours and it’s well loved. Each gaudy ornament has a memory attached to it. I’m even the type of mom who lets their kids put ornaments in big clumps on the tree *gasp*. It adds to the fun of it, and if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that celebrating imperfections is kind of my thing. 

Last year we grabbed a little tree for the boys, kind of like this one. The idea was that if they had the little one to play with and decorate over and over again, the temptation to attack the big tree would fade. spoiler alert: It didn’t work. But it’s pretty freaking cute anyway. I especially love the crooked star on top!​​

I’m also happy to announce that we finished almost all of our holiday shopping from our couch this year. Don’t tell Seth, but I got him the Google Home Mini and Smart Lights for Christmas. He’s had his eye on them for a while, and I’ll admit, even I’m a bit excited to control our lights with just a voice. It’s so futuristic! After Christmas I’ll give an honest review for you guys. 
In non-holiday related news, we went to see the Jersey boys musical last week, and much to my surprise, it was really good! I went into it not knowing much about their music, but went simply because my in-laws bought us tickets. It was my first ever broad way play and I felt just as classy as I thought I would.  
I think that about catches you all up to date. What’s going on in your neck of the woods for Christmas? Any fun holiday traditions going on? Catch me up in the comments!