• I’m only a month away from finishing my first semester of art school, and honestly I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I’ve been going part time and taking a drafting and foundational art class. It’s so fun to stretch my mind and skills, especially in drafting, where precision is king. If I’m being honest though, my favorite part is just that I don’t hear “mom” 153,000 times a day when I’m there.
  • We recently got this Okay to Wake clock for the boys. There’s a face on the clock that sleeps when it’s night time, and when it’s okay to wake it turns green. It has worked wonders for the boys, because for a while there, they were waking up at 5:30 or 6 am, and just playing in their rooms without anyone knowing they were awake. Now with the clock they know to stay in their beds while the clock is “sleeping” (unless there is an emergency) and we have the ability to somewhat control when they wake up. Highly recommend! 
  •  I’m pretty new to photo editing, but I just discovered the Lightroom app. There are tons of presets you can buy, and I will likely try some out, but in the mean time, it has been sooo helpful in editing my pictures quickly and brightening them up. Here’s a before and after of a photo I worked on.

​​Wednesday as I was driving into class, I had a really random thought; “It’s weird that I’ve never hit a deer before.. huh, must just be lucky.” So on the way home, what did I do? you guessed it, I hit my first deer. Luckily, and shockingly, I drove completely over it, and wasn’t harmed. My car and the deer however, not in good shape. And to top it all off, our second vehicle has major repairs that need to be done that we’re saving up for and can’t be driven until it’s done. So yeah, it’s just a dumpster fire of a situation. Just gotta laugh to keep from crying amiright? 

How’s your week been? Catch me up, in the comments below!