1. In top news this week, I was recently accepted to an Interior Design program at a local college here! I am so beyond excited to learn more and pursue this passion of mine!

2. Today we went out shopping for styling products for my mom’s new house, and it was so exciting to start some of the fun stuff. Styling is always my favorite! I’ve got the half bathroom almost completely done and some odds and end items purchased for the rest of the house.

That leads me to the products I’m loving this week.

3. We purchased this mirror from Target for the half bath. I went with a circular mirror, because the sink we picked out is raised and rectangular. In each room, I’m careful to mix lines. In other words, you don’t want too many items to be boxy.

It has this beautiful wood detailing on the sides of it, which tie in nicely to some of the other natural finishes that will be in the bathroom, such as the wicker waste basket, and the wooden frames of the artwork. 

4. We also got this soap dispenser, made of solid stone. It’s very primitive in design and I love the contrast with that and the other natural finishes in the space.

5. On a totally unrelated note, I recently got a new laptop and am LOVING IT. You can see the one I purchased here. But, if you give a designer a laptop, she’s going to ask for a pretty case. (Can you tell I have kids, with my children’s book references?) Anywho, this is the case I picked out.

It was actually recommended by the smart folks at best buy, because it’s so padded and cushy. They said if you were to drop it on the floor, with your laptop inside, it would be totally fine. Good quality and it’s so, so pretty! Form and function at its finest!

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!