It’s been a really peaceful week here. I know most people tend to get busier in the summer, but for some reason we have always used this season to slow down. Summer’s the best right!?

We celebrated Jonah’s third (Gah.. how is this possible?) birthday this week! We always do low maintenance birthday parties; Sloppy-joes in the crock pot, store bought cake (because let’s be real, Costco makes a cake way better than we ever could), and cheesy party favors. Any pinterest parents out there? With the homemade fondant and woodland themed parties? I salute you. I want to be more like you…. 

In other news this week. 

  • An image on Pinterest the other day inspired a change in the way I’m looking at our RV renovation. There was something about the colors and feel of this picture that got me thinking, “what if I find images that I’m inspired by that aren’t necessarily home decor inspiration?” I could figure out what’s so inspiring about them and recreate that feeling with colors and textures. It obviously sparked a pinning spree of gorgeous photos and I’m still kind of running through the board to decide on a direction. Inspiration is everywhere, so don’t limit yourself on what you draw from! You can see what inspiration I’m pulling from here! 

  • I recently read Becoming by Michelle Obama and it was absolutely incredible. No matter your political views, it’s fascinating to learn her perspective and hear her story! Go read it! 


  • Last night one of the boys accidentally hit our TV and shattered the screen. We were obviously irritated at first, but I’m kind of curious to see what changes now that it’s gone. It’s not like television is a necessity and buying a new one is low on the priority list. My hippie self is hoping we don’t even miss it and end up not replacing it. Chip and Joanna Gaines seem to thrive without one, heck, why can’t we?! 

A couple weeks ago we grabbed two $10 lamps for our nightstands, and I have no idea why we didn’t do this sooner!!! It changes the entire feel of our room. I don’t think there’s anything better than lamplight in the evening. Amiright? We even have smart lights so we can cuddle up with a good book in bed, and not have to reach over to turn the lights off before bed. It’s GLORIOUS. They discontinued the exact ones we have, but I kind of wish I got these instead..