This little gem has served us well over the years. But to be frank, I hated the way she looked. When we ran out of funds for our bathroom, I was originally a bit frustrated that we wouldn’t be replacing this light right away. ​​

But with a little bit of creativity, I think I figured out a way to update her on a budget.

Supplies We Used: 

Rust-Oleum Spray paint in :Pure Gold Replacement Glass x3 

-Painters Tape

STEP 1. Remove the light fixture. *Always use caution when working with electricity, and if necessary, use a licensed electrician.

​​ STEP 2. Tape off the cord port and the light socket, or any areas that you don’t want painted. 
STEP 3. Spray paint the entire fixture and let dry, as directed on the can. The key to spray painting without any annoying drips, is to spray about three to five inches away, and keep your hand constantly moving. Spray a very light layer, let it dry, and go over it multiple times. This process might be more time consuming than just spraying a heavy layer, but trust me, it will look much smoother in the end.

 ​​STEP 4. install new globes for the light, and reattach to the wall. 
This entire project clocked in at $21.96 as opposed to well over $200 for something similar! That’s a steal! 

If you use this tutorial, let us know how it turned out in the comments below! 
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