The final reveal! FINALLY. 
We’ve come along way from peachy walls and a dungeon like shower. Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? 

 It was a struggle to see the natural beauty of that forest green stone countertop, because the visual weight of the dark colors was competing. 
I decided to go with a crisp white to allow some negative space, and for the countertops to really shine. You can read all about our decision making process here. ​​

In order to make the mirror and lighting situation look more composed and complete, I framed out the mirror and refinished the light fixture 

We also installed some simple numbered towel hooks that ended up being worth their weight in gold. 
The meat of the project of course, was re-tiling the shower and refinishing the old built-in. You can read all about those projects here:Shower. Built-in.

These are really the crowning glories in my opinion. The modern look of subway tile. The classic feel of black trim. Come-on! 
 Isn’t that just crazy insane?! I’ve probably looked at these before and afters for a good half hour, just taking it all in. 
Here’s the budget breakdown: 
Tiling the Shower: $300 Decor: $400Mirror DIY $20 Light DIY: $20 Paint: $60GRAND TOTAL: $800