Shiloh Home


Shiloh Home features local artists and their work. We want to celebrate the hard work that they have put into their craft and help them share it with the world.

Cheryl Dorris

Photography has been my passion my whole life. Something about capturing a brief, fleeting moment in time has always affected me, and it’s become the way I express myself. My work is formed in nature,
the landscape, all taken in available light. No two moments are ever the same, and I am drawn to photograph them.  My hope is my imagery invokes a feeling for you, the viewer. Capturing your interest, recalling a memory, creating a sense of place.

A self-taught photographer with a marketing background, I’ve been photographing the outdoors since 1997, and all of my images are digitally shot on location. You can see more of my images at or on Fine Art America. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Morgan Bird

I am a self-taught digital artist from Michigan. I have always loved art but am flourishing with the expanse of the medium. 

Thanks for checking out my artwork, if you like my style look me up on Instagram @morganbird6. 


    Flor Olivares

Hi! I am Flor Olivares, originally from El Salvador, C.A. I have a big passion for photographing details, especially of creation. Every picture I take comes from my heart. I enjoy nature and spending the time observing and finding ¨simple¨ things that we can be thankful for. There is beauty in the hidden, you can discover treasures.


My desire is that your eyes will be amazed and your heart grateful just by watching everyday on your wall, the beautiful, thoughtful, delicate, and mighty creation. It is a gift to enjoy the little things. You can find my art on Instagram: @thedetails.of, I would be happy for you to see the details of the details.