I just recently painted our entryway a pine green color.

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? However, I’ve been struggling to decide on an art piece for the space, other than our family photo wall.  I wanted something that was personal to me, tied nicely with the color of the walls, and was budget friendly. Enter Greenery Art!

I picked up this idea from Young House Love’s DIY book, and just tweaked it to fit what I was going for. So, let’s get to it!


-Frame, with glass

-Matte background of your choosing (I went with the map background, but a simple white or even a more bold color would look nice)

-Greenery from your back yard. Try to choose something fairly flat, and be sure to clip the leaves or greenery to the size of your frame.

-Iron and Ironing board

-Cotton pillow case


1) Lay your piece of greenery or leaves flat inside a cotton pillow case (Or two thin cotton towels)

2) Turn you iron on medium and iron the the protected greenery for 8 minutes. Be sure to always keep the iron moving, being careful not to linger in one spot for too long.

3) Carefully pull your stem out and secure on your matte with craft glue. Place inside the frame and stand back and grin at it for a while. ?

This was super simple, and cute and exactly what I needed in our entryway!