I have a confession to make. This was my first time buying furniture from somewhere other than Ikea. #adultgoals. 
You all know we scored this gorgeous dining table for like two hundred bucks, and while still on that “I just saved a crap-ton of money” high, I googled “Dining chairs”……The first one I saw was $300 PER CHAIR! That would mean $1800 to seat our family. Is this a shock to anyone else? Apparently I’ve been buying things with Swedish names for too long and I’ve forgotten what the real world is like.

Well, this TJ-Maxx-loving, Coupon-clipping woman is not about to drop TWO GRAND on chairs. No. Not happening. 
After digging around I eventually found some really nice chairs, with great reviews, for $70-$80/chair.That’s a little more my speed. 
I rounded up my favorite modern or Mid-Mod chairs so you don’t have to waste 3 hours on a Saturday, slink back to Ikea’s website (Old habits die hard), and decide that your family will just have to eat standing up. 
What are your favorite go-to’s for affordable furniture?? 

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