I’ll have it noted that while I don’t own a console table at the moment, I’ve studied extensively, the art of styling one. Extensively might not be the best word. But trust me, I’ve studied it more than I’m proud of. 
 In my Instagram stories the other day, I ran through three of my top tips and that really was just the tip of the ice burg. 
Before we get into the nitty-gritty of styling, lets talk about the difference between a console and a side table. A console table is one that is styled against a wall. A side table, sometimes called a sofa table, is styled against a, you guessed it, sofa.
The majority of console tables are usually placed in an entryway so it’s important to style it well if its the first thing that you and your guests see when they walk through the door. 
The steps I’m going to share can be applied across all different styles. It doesn’t matter if you have an “urban industrial” feel or a “mid-mod” vibe, the design principles stay the same. The objects you choose, however, will differ from style to style.
(If you followed along with my Insta Stories, you may recognize some of these!)
1) Create A “Pull-From Pile”
Before even putting a single item on your console, I want you to shop your house and pull together any decor pieces that form a cohesive color palette.
Decor Examples
-Framed photos
-Stems or potted plants
-Stacks of books
-Sculptural pieces
(The list goes on..)
When choosing decor pieces, don’t worry about fitting to a specific style. You know what you like! 
2)  Choose a Focal Point 
Now that you’ve got a heap of decor pieces, I want you to pick the largest piece of art or mirror in the collection. If you don’t have something like this, you might consider investing in one that will be cohesive color-wise.
Your focal point is typically a large piece of art or a mirror, hanging on the wall above the table but you can choose a gallery wall or an object, like a sculpture or a large vase, as long as it’s substantial in size.

If you’re going to work with an art piece, follow the two-thirds rule. That is, make sure that the piece of art (or a gallery wall as a whole) is about two-thirds the size of the table. Following this rule will ensure everything looks pleasing to the eye. Here’s a quick sketch up for more detail:

3) Decide Between Symmetrical or Asymmetrical 
Symmetrical styling looks more like the photo below, and typically is seen in more traditional settings. If you prefer symmetrical, choose two larger identical objects to flank your focal point. (Lamps, vases) 
Balanced Asymmetrical looks more casual, and will give your home a comfy vibe. If you choose balanced asymmetrical, you can do one of two things;
a) You can choose two objects that are relatively equal in size but are not identical 
b) You can choose one larger object on one side, and a collection of smaller objects on the other side. (This is also called a vignette, and we’ll get to that in a second) 


4) Create Vignettes 
Vignette is just a fancy word for a collection of objects. So, in your pile of decor pieces, pull out some that you think would look nice together following these guidelines;
a) Choose an odd number of items. This is typically more pleasing to the eye,
b) Make sure the objects you choose vary in height. Tall, medium, and short.
c) Pick both straight and curved objects. This ensures that you’re vignette looks balanced.
Place these items together until they are visually pleasing to the eye. This is the part where you will want to play a little bit with it. Put some items in front of the others and create depth. Add a little height if necessary by placing  a stack of books under some of your items. This is all about creative license and finding something that looks good to you! 

Place larger heavier objects on either side of the console table, and layer with your vignettes toward the center. 

5) Add Natural Elements
If you don’t have it on your table already, consider adding something organic. It will bring your design to life, I promise! 

Plants are always a good choice, but there are tons of other natural elements to work with! Pick a beautiful piece of drift wood, or agate stone. I’ve even seen a decorative bowl of pine cones look good. You do you boo-boo! 

6) Go Low
Don’t forget to style under the table! A large basket filled with extra blankets or a simple x-style bench under the console completes the look. If your table is solid and doesn’t have room for anything underneath, don’t stress. This is just for those who’ve got empty space below! 

I’m eager to see what you’re working on! Share some of your stylings in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram @sam_joyhaven

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