Writing this post was actually inspired by our recent trip to LA. We rented an AirBnb and the host had an item in the rental that was a huge game changer for us. 

It was… a fabric steamer.

It might seem like old news to some of you, but we were still ironing the old way or just roaming about with wrinkly clothes. The horror! 

The steamer was compact, quick, and made our sad travel clothes perfectly smooth again! After we got back home we immediately bought one and I have to say, I use it almost daily.

As I was merrily steaming everything in sight the other day, I started thinking about the other household items that have made life so much easier and thus, this list was born! Let’s get into it! 

1) We’ve already been over this, but having a portable steamer makes getting ready so much easier AND makes us more polished and put together. I also use it on our curtains and if I were feeling ambitious, I’d probably do the bedding too. Let’s not get crazy though. We have this one and it heats up quick and is pretty self explanatory!

2) I picked this simple and cheap home hack up years ago, and it’s just stuck. I have a small shaker of baking soda under the kitchen sink. I use it to clean my sink, the fridge drawers, and sometimes the counter tops. I haven’t found any other cleaning product that gets our sink white like baking soda does. It’s one of the most effective natural cleaners and bonus, it’s like $2 a box. 


3) Another maddeningly simple item, this closet hook keeps me organized and prepared. With two slots, I’m able to hang out my clothes each night for the following day. It’s a basic and inexpensive idea but it makes the mornings much less chaotic. I got ours from Ikea years ago, but any hook would do the trick! 

4) I use our cordless vacuum literally 3 times a day. Because it’s so lightweight and easy to use I can quickly vacuum up spills or the rugs when I need to without lugging our big powerful vacuum around. 


5) Lastly, I wasn’t sold on buying a smart thermostat when Seth suggested it. I honestly thought they were more expensive than they were worth. But I was dead wrong.

Not only has our Nest thermostat helped us conserve energy (therefore saved us money) but it also is super convenient because we can just tell google to turn the heat up without leaving the couch! Check with your electric provider before purchasing because you might qualify for a rebate. With our $50 rebate, it ended up costing the same as a traditional thermostat. 

And there you have it, the 5 household items that make life just so much easier. Now, let’s talk cleaning schedules!


I want to preface this by saying my house is definitely not always spotless, but we do aim to keep things as tidy as possible. This little schedule has made it so easy. The nice thing about this is that it’s all broken down into daily actions and everyone knows what needs to be done. The boys “help” with chores after each meal and Seth and I are always on the same page. No more wandering aimlessly figuring out what the most important cleaning tasks are.

Download it for free here!  

It’s worked great for us so far and I’d love to hear how it works for you too! What are your favorite household items that make life easier?