How to Keep White Bedding White 

and avoid that gross yellowing thing that happens. Don’t lie, you know what I mean. 

1. Treat stains as they happen 
I like to use an Oxyclean stain spray if I see any stains and as always, the sooner you can work on it, the better. Usually I’ll spray it, rub it in gently and try to lift the stain that way, and then pop it into a cold wash. Don’t dry the bedding unless the stain is gone because once you dry it, it will likely set in. 

2. Avoid Bleach. 
Bleach is harsh and can actually damage and yellow your fabric over time.

3. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar Instead. 
Mix a quarter cup baking soda and a quarter cup white vinegar to your load before you wash it. If the bedding is especially grimey, try soaking it in Oxyclean for an hour before washing.  

I hope these tips are helpful and keep your bedding looking fresh and gorgeous for years to come!