The most beautiful spaces don’t matter 

if they’re not functional. 

Each room in your house should feel great and serve the needs of your family. If a space isn’t doing that, we need to address some things. 

Here’s what I think about when I’m designing a space; 

-What do I want to use the room for?

-Who will be using this space? 

-If there is seating, is it comfortable?

-Is the lighting adequate for whatever tasks need to be done in this room?

-Is it easy to maneuver in the space 

-Does everything have a home or do random items collect? 

-Is everything  comfortable? (Rugs, pillows, seating) 

After I ask myself these questions, I move onto assessing my family’s needs individually and the way I do it might be a little bit different than you’ve heard before. 

PS- I do the same things for clients as well!