5 Household Items That Will Make Your Life Easier 

1. Portable Steamer 
Not only does a handheld steamer make your clothes look more polished and put together but it also does a great job with keeping curtains fresh! If you’re feeling extra fancy, steam your bedding too. Or if you’re lazy like me opt for a linen bedding thats supposed to look crinkly.  Winning!

2. Baking Soda
This has been my go to for a lot of years. I keep a salt shaker full of baking soda near my fridge and use it to refresh my sink now and then. I just sprinkle a bit in, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it off with a damp wash cloth. It takes that yucky filmy layer off the bottom of the sink and makes it smell fresh too. 

3. Closet Hook 
This one might seem maddeningly simple, but I LOVED our closet hook at our old house. It was just a little extra hook in our closet that I would use to hang my clothes out for the following day. 

4. Cordless Vacuum 
Okay let’s be real, I am not about to pull out our giant vacuum cleaner for just any old spill. It’s too much work and it’s just not worth it with three little boys who are probably going to make another mess in 30 seconds. That’s why having a lightweight cordless vacuum does the trick for me. Ours charges on a dock, is small enough to fit in a closet, and light enough to pull out daily. 

5. Nest Thermostat 
This is something we had in our old house that I really wish we had in the rental we’re in now. It was so handy to be able to control the temperature from our phones. Honestly that was what I loved the most. Like, when we were all snuggled up in bed but needed to turn the heat down, I could just grab my phone instead of running all the way downstairs. I guess what I’m saying is anything that allows me to be even a fraction of a bit lazier is worth it to me. 

I hope this list makes home life a bit easier or maybe a bit lazier if you’re like me! No shame in that game!