Last year, a stranger knocked on our door with a house full of furniture. 

We had just moved to California and had left almost everything behind in Michigan other than clothes and necessities. The move didn’t go as smoothly as we planned and three months in we still couldn’t afford furniture other than mattresses and a Target dining set. A neighbor had walked by one time and happened to see our empty apartment and reached out to friends to furnish our home. It was honestly the most vulnerable and beautiful moment of our move. 

As we brought in all the furniture, tears were streaming down my face and I realized then how important home is. Sometimes things like artwork and couches, lamps and curtains seem so frivolous. But when you go without those simple items that make your space feel like you, it’s painful. Really, really painful. 

This is what “Peace out there, starts in here” means to us. It means creating a space that feels like you. Whatever that may look like. It doesn’t have to look perfect, it has to feel peaceful. Because our world needs more peace and so do our homes.