We’re inching closer to Christmas!! Are you prepped and ready? I’ve got quite a bit of shopping left to do, but I wanted to quickly jump on and send you some helpful tips that you can use this holiday season. I know many of us would normally be preparing for guests and that’s obviously not the case this year BUT you don’t have to have guests to make up a luxurious bed. 


Deciphering all the layers of bedding can be a little confusing but frankly, many of the layers are simply not necessary. So I wanted to give you a helpful little guide that tells you what you actually need to have both a beautiful and incredibly comfy bed! 


Layer #1: Sheets 

Everybody knows this layer and it’s pretty self explanatory. This is the layer that protects your outer bedding from body oils and is easily washable. I like to use a linen sheet set because it’s really breathable or a cotton in a lower thread count. The higher thread count is usually really luxurious feeling but most often the material is more delicate and not as durable. 


Layer #2: Quilt or Coverlet 

For the longest time I could not tell you the difference between a coverlet or a quilt and honestly I thought it was just a marketing ploy to get people to buy more blankets. That might still be the case, but a quilt is typically used for colder months with a lining stitched between two layers of fabric. It’s thinner than a standard comforter but denser so it gives that cozy tucked in feel. A coverlet on the other hand is made for summer months and is often a light blanket made of just a single layer. Quilts and coverlets are interchangeable in use. You can layer them under your duvet for added warmth or fold them at the foot of the bed for decoration if you don’t want to use them all the time. If you’re going to bring in a punch of color or a pattern, do it on this layer and be sure to fold it back at the head of the bed to get that little bit of decoration. 


Layer #3: Duvet and Duvet Cover 

A duvet is a plush blanket and is usually down or down alternative filled. Duvet covers are much more versatile than your standard comforter and depending on the material can be machine washed. I suggest getting the best down duvet you can find in your price range and then opting for less expensive covers. Spend your dollars where they count — Comfort! 


Layer #4: Pillows

There are about a billion different types of pillows out there so I like to keep it simple. I like to use 2 Euro Fills, our standard sleep pillows, and a couple of throws for decoration. 


There are countless other layers, like bed skirts and scarves, but keep it simple. You don’t need a ton of  “fluff” to pack a visual punch and be the comfiest dang thing you’ve ever slept on. Good luck and happy snoozing!



Xo- Sam