We know this time of year you’re getting lots of promotional emails in your inbox. As we were preparing for the Holiday season, the idea of just pushing products during Thanksgiving really didn’t sit well with me. It didn’t feel like our brand to jam up your inbox with anything that detracts from what this season is about.

Instead, we want to help you lean into this Holiday season peacefully. We want to help you connect with loved ones this year, especially as Thanksgiving doesn’t look like it typically does. 

A few days ago I was snuggled in bed, writing in my gratitude journal and my oldest son Simon came and cuddled up beside me. He asked what I was doing and when I explained that I was writing out what I was thankful for, he asked if he could write in it too. I handed him the pen and in his best kindergarten handwriting he wrote “I’m thankful for my mom” 

It was the simplest of messages, but as you can imagine, it was a message that I will cherish forever and that moment gave me an idea..

We’ve recruited our talented artist, Morgan Bird to design a beautiful post card that can be used to send a message that a simple text cannot. The message that says “I’m thinking about you, so much so that I’ve sat down long enough to write out my feelings about you” 

Hand written notes are often long forgotten and we’d love to see, in this Holiday season, family finding ways to connect however possible. We can’t be together this year, but we can still show each other that we care. Use these postcards to write to those you’re missing this season or to write to those who will be gathered around your table. I intend to have my boys draw pictures on them to send to family far away. Whatever you choose to do, do it in love. 

It’s a simple thing, but we hope that this in some small way helps you have a joyful Thanksgiving. 

A peaceful home to you and yours,