Minimalism for us is all about simplifying. Not only our physical world but our schedules, finances, and digital world as well. 

As promised, here are 10 ways to baby step yourself toward minimalism and simplify your life. 

  • Delete old emails. There are two types of people in the world. Ones with a clean inbox and ones with 30,000 unread emails. If you’re the latter, good luck my friends and Godspeed. 

  • Go through your photos, store what you want and delete the rest. Do you really need 24 shots of your baby eating avocado for the first time? Probably not. Save a couple good ones and delete the rest. We use Amazon Photos to back everything up. It’s been great and it’s totally free. 


  • Delete apps you’re no longer using and organize the ones you do have. I do this every couple months, mainly because I HATE an unorganized home screen. If you’ve got an iPhone you can categorize your apps into folders. If you’ve got an android, I got nothin, but I’m sure there’s a way to make things look nice and tidy and work efficiently. 

  • Unfollow people who bring negativity to your life. If seeing someone’s content regularly makes you feel bad about yourself or if the content is just negative in nature you BY NO MEANS have a responsibility to continue to follow them. Surround yourself with influences that are inspiring, positive, or just entertaining.

  • Ruthlessly create margin. We went through a season just recently where we found ourselves stretched thin and beholden to our schedule. And then I had an epiphany. I’m a grown up. Ground breaking right? What I mean is, I get to cut things out. I get to decide what stays in my schedule and what goes (to an extent, obviously. Gotta feed the kids lol). Seth and I started ruthlessly cutting out the things that were a distraction to the values we hold dear for our family. It wasn’t an overly pleasant process, but now we have almost every weeknight free and good chunks of each weekend open. It’s glorious! 

  • Automate your finances. If you haven’t done this already, get on it. We especially automate our savings deposits right when we get paid. I know this is old news, but it truly makes a huge difference knowing the bills are gonna get paid even if you forget to schedule it. 

  • Downsize your closet. I emphasize simplifying your closet for a couple of reasons. 1) The less clothing you own = less laundry you have to do = more time to pursue more important goals or do nothing at all. WIN. 2) When everything you own is something you absolutely adore, you walk around with more confidence like the fire breathing dragon you are! EVEN BIGGER WIN. 

  • Create a rotating meal plan. Our family typically has one or two breakfasts and two or three lunches that we rotate week by week. We know that these meals work for our family and have adequate nutrition. In the words of my grandpa “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so we stick to these for the most part. We get variety in our dinners typically and even those meals are pretty simple and quick.


  • Throw away old makeup. That mascara you’ve had since your second child was in diapers. Ditch it sister. BTW, if this section feels particularly impassioned, it’s because I’m mainly chastising myself. I’ve got a lipstick addiction. I keep buying more, not using it, and not being able to let it go. Don’t be a Sam. Pitch old or unused makeup. 

  • Organize your pantry and fridge. Combine multiples when it comes to spices and put them all in simple uniform jars. If you have the ability to, get some pantry storage containers to give your shelves a cleaner look and make it a bit easier to find everything. If you’re feeling fancy you could even label your drawers and containers like Toni does from A Bowl Full of Lemons 

Simplifying has been such a game changer for us, especially as we head into this new adventure! I hope it brings as much peace to your life as it has to mine!